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Showing Half Sibling - settings? - MEL - 03-12-2013 06:49 AM

Step-children, half-siblings, etc., are no longer showing in the children's lists.

Legacy Help says:
'Showing Half Siblings'
If you select the Show Half Brothers and Sisters box, all the children born to either of the current individual's parents are shown. This includes children born to the father with other wives and to the mother with other husbands."

They show on the sibling list. But they aren't showing on the family screen with the step-parent. Help!

There are two places where the showing of half-siblings need to be turned on. You already have them turned on in the sibling list but to turn them on in the family view, right click on any child, select View, then click on 'show 1/2 kids from the view' in the drop down menu.